Lucky Dry® Ceramic Coatings (H9) for Industry and Automotive Preparation

Ceramic coatings based on polysilazanes with protection against corrosion, scratches and UV light are widely used in car detailing. They are easy to apply "do-it-yourself" to car paint, rims, headlights, rear lights, interior and exterior plastic parts, door sills, exhaust pipes, radiator grilles and windscreens/side windows, providing a high gloss after polishing. They also deepen colour, protect against scratches, corrosion and UV, as well as insect residue and bird droppings. Car foils in matt and gloss paintwork can also be protected by nano-ceramic technology.

Motor boats, sailing yachts, luxury yachts and container ships have sustained benefit from the easy-clean and anti-stick effect of the nano-ceramic coatings. Algae, mussels and barnacles can be removed more easily. Fibre-reinforced plastics such as GFK, CFK, AFK no longer yellow or weather, salt water corrosion can be prevented on metals such as stainless steel or aluminium. Maintenance costs are permanently reduced - the hull remains intact. Additives can also be used to formulate strong antifouling coatings.

Aircraft stay clean longer, the easy removal of fresh ice is facilitated. UV and weather effects are reduced in paintwork and on turbines. In the cockpit, strong water and dirt repellency gives pilots a clear view.

Due to their high temperature resistance, hydrophobic ceramic coatings are perfectly suited for industrial applications and as an alternative to PTFE coatings.

Lucky Dry® Ceramic Coatings (H9)are also used in the luxury products sector: gold, silver and jewellery are preserved.