Lucky Dry® WipeOn Protects what matters most through wet wipe application, Lucky Dry WipeOn preserves and therefore retains the alue of any item. Additionally, the invisible seal of amorphous glass protects your most valuable assets: health and well-being.

Improved hygiene through permanent anti-microbial coating

Permanent anti-microbial performance can be produced by transparent nano coatings. The sustained protection against infections and diseases, the spread of germs on surfaces that are often touched, odor control as well as mold and fungus reduction (antifouling) are thus made possible and have a positive influence on our health. The cell walls of microorganisms are damaged by nanostructures. Due to this physical effect, pathogenic germs such as MRSA die off. Enveloped viruses are inactivated. Mold, moss and fungi find no adhesion. This permanent surface disinfection enables a high degree of safety between cleaning cycles, prevents the spread of harmful pathogens (germs, fungi)

  • in public spaces
  • toilets
  • swimming pools
  • saunas
  • fitness studios
  • shopping carts
  • buses
  • trains
  • airplanes
  • cruise ships
  • hotels
  • but also on the body contact textiles
  • socks
  • sportswear
  • mattresses
  • functional clothing
  • for odor control and antifouling.

Due to the purely physical mode of action, the application is safe (skin-friendly) and non-mutagenic (no adaptations of micro-organisms possible). Therefore, their application is perfectly suitable

  • for hospitals (to protect against MRSA and enveloped viruses)
  • nursing homes
  • old people's homes
  • as well as refugee
  • detention and emergency accommodation

In contrast to short-term disinfection, where in most cases a new colonization of active germs begins immediately, the antifouling effect of permanent silicon dioxide coatings is also present between cleaning cycles. They are therefore ideally suited for use on medical equipment. This permanent protection against infection and fouling can make a life-saving difference. The germ load is particularly high on mobile phones/smartphones. Reports of skin impurities / acne caused by smartphones are circulating on the Internet. Some studies indicate that the germ load is highest there. A permanent antimicrobial display protection based on nanotechnology can prevent this.