The Pee Back Anti-Graffiti Coating application system comprises a permanent protective layer, which prevents paint particles from penetrating the pore system of the mineral surface. This repels up to 95% of dirt and 98% of moss, lichen and fungus from absorbent materials such as stone, concrete, brick or terracotta*.

Pee Back Anti-Graffiti Coating creates an ultra-thin breathable 3D network on the substrate, which permanently repels water and dirt from the porous structure. Thus coated materials exhibit 3-fold freeze/thaw resistance (EN 1338) and stay clean for over a decade.

Its water and dirt-repellent properties on all mineral and absorbent surfaces extend the scope of application to monuments and even sand.

The strong chemical bond to the OH surface groups guarantees outstanding permanence in relation to weather resistance, as well as mechanical and chemical durability.

Specially formulated to remove graffiti, Lucky Dry® Graffiti Clean completely removes graffiti over 10 cleaning cycles.

Through the intelligent arrangement of hybrid (organic and inorganic) structures, Pee Back Anti-Graffiti Coating constitutes Part of the First Nano Paint concept.

* Please note that the initially strong pearling effect can diminish after a few years due to the deposit of fine dust particles. However this in no way impairs the protection.


  • Chemical basis: modified silicon dioxide
  • Layer thickness: approx. 100 - 350 nm
  • Water resistance: between 130° and 150° (20μl)
  • Oil resistance: between 120°and 140° (20μl)
  • Slip angle: not applicable
  • Temperature stability: 250°C permanent, 450°C peak
  • Chemical stability: between pH 1 and pH 13
  • Weather resistance: 3500h pursuant to ISO 11507 A
  • Durability (mechanical): depending on the substrate
  • Salt water resistant: yes
  • Transparency: 100%
  • Storage stability: 2 years
  • Temperature sensitivity: 1°C to 30°C
  • Consumption: 80 - 200 ml/m2


Pee Back Anti-Graffiti Coating is applied to the surface using standard pump spray systems. If the substrate cannot instantly absorb the liquid, roller application is advised to ensure uniform wetting. The coating is waterproof after approx. 6 hours and fully cured after 24 hours. The product can also be used after in-depth impregnation of the surface with Lucky Dry ® Infusion. Leave the primary treatment to air-dry for 5 days before applying Pee Back Anti-Graffiti Coating as a final coat.

In the event of graffiti stains, Lucky Dry ® Graffiti Clean is applied generously to the surface. The treatment is left to work for 10 - 15 min., then rinsed with clean water. If the graffiti still cannot be completely removed, repeat the process several times.

Pee Back Anti-Graffiti Coating and Clean are ready-to-use products. Pee Back Anti-Graffiti Coating is water-based and a non-hazardous material according to ADR and IATA. Lucky Dry® Graffiti Clean is solvent-based and classed as a hazardous material according to ADR and IATA.

Please observe the safety data sheet of the respective products when using Pee Back Anti-Graffiti Coating